Have always been interested in how samurais lived their way of life. After watching countless old style anime, Japanese and particularly samuraian culture have peeked my interest. So, starting this book by Miyamoto Musashi, who was known as one of the greatest swordsman in Heien period.

earth scroll


One quote that struck me quite hard is the deviant mind. What does it mean to follow something wholeheartedly? For someone like Musashi, the stakes of failure was quite high. It meant instant death.

In my endeavour to understand cryptography and abstract algebra, I have encountered several failures in a matter of months and have wasted countless hours in the process. But note, these hours wasted were not while learning that craft but doomscrolling, watching random tv series, movies, etc. I still haven’t found the answer to what does it mean to love something entirely that you forget the existence of your own self.